This goal of this app is to help cut down electricity usage by informing users how much they are spending and advising them as to how they can cut these costs down by doing things like replacing energy inefficient appliances .The community is ty of users offers up their knowledge of individual appliances cost per kwh. In addition the community also provides suggestions as to what things a user can buy or do to improve their energy efficiency based on their current appliances/hardware. Users take inventory of the devices/appliances they currently have . The cost of usage per hour of specific appliances is provided by members of the community rather than the user having to look up the details of every single product they own . Depending on how efficient the appliance is compared to other products , a different appliance may be suggested to the user that can help cut down user costs . The amount of savings a user could benefit by replacing the item is then displayed.

All data on this app is available to the public. This enables users to receive the best advice/input as aggregated from the entire Grid-E community. In addition , vendors could use this data to reach out to users that can benefit greatly from their products but may not be aware of them

Information transparency is key to this app . Being aware of the

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