1st can we find alternative ways of funding 2nd is it possible to increase the utility value of NFT's 3rd can the trading card game logic used for more mature/deeper topics

What it does

Once you have purchased one of this NFT's you get a permanently a lower commission than all our other normally registered members. The commission varies from 5% towards 0% and depends on the position of your card in the ranking. The ranking itself everyone can access. We will use this functionality across different topic but starting with the 21st century geniuses. An idea to illustrate that we all are not hat far from genuises.

How we built it

In way to less time (one day) just figured out about it this week. Angular, Python & Ruby

Challenges we ran into

Time and lack of knowledge of crypto

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the token sets the discount rate permanently.

What we learned

To better research upcoming events.

What's next for Untitled

We will implement the rating logic that it will effect the commission, add the artworks, create a after 4 month based on the ranking a trading card game. Creating our own token and planing to create our own fractionalized profit shares marketplace. Selling shares instead of the whole artworks at once. circular ecomonmy roadmap.

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