When you are somewhere, where no one has been before, you should share your impressions to other. We all like games.

What it does

This game is about reaching incredible places on the Earth and registering your virtual rights to them by the right of discoverer.

Players are leaving RFID tags and upload information about it's location to the server. This way they conquer this territory. The longer tag stays unreached by other players the more territory it controls.

Once player from other team comes to it, they can capture the tag. If a player from same team reads tags, tag's influence increases. But first of all it is about inspiring people to explore the World, it is about new extreme experience.

How we built it

  • nothing prepared before event
  • 24 hours of non-stop coding
  • Lots of horrible lines in Java and Python

Challenges we ran into

  • Lack of experience in mobile developing
  • Run out of coffee
  • Run out of energy drinks
  • Sleepless minds
  • Java, Python, Android, Google and so on...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a working prototype

What we learned

How to get a really exciting experience in extremely fast Android application implementation with NFC support using tons of documents

What's next for Hansel&Gretel

  • Add more relaible moderarting system
  • Improve UI with new world map rendering technology
  • Improve rating system to make competition/chalenges more interesting
  • Bring new mechanics based on AR to show players tags loction in shiny new way!
  • Become more social with comments on tags

How to try it

  • Download apk or build it from related links at bottom of the page.
  • Install it on your android phone, but before you should permit install untrusted packages (Trust us).
  • Create an account
  • Explore world map and place you own RFID tags wherever you want, especially in places that it hard to reach.
  • Scan it and upload related photos
  • Conquest enemy tags, that you interesting in, by scan it.
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