Greetr using and Samsung Gear 2

Greetr exchanges contact information between people. Getting the most out of meeting someone requires two things:

1. A sincere connection
2. An appropriate follow-up

By simply shaking hands, Greetr automatically shares basic contact information and provides links to connect on social media at personal discretion.

Use Cases
➡Effortlessly supercharge your networking skills
➡Qualify your leads personally and upload to Salesforce CRM instantly
➡Analyze networking hotspots at events with geolocated handshakes

Greetr leverages Apex Code to analyze and validate handshakes detected by the Samsung Gear 2's accelerometer and gyroscope. When two matching shakes are detected, Greetr makes the connection and uploads a new contact or lead to Salesforce.

EASY: Shaking hands is natural and enjoyable
QUICK: Zero time wasted coordinating contact info trade
AUTOMATIC: Never forget to follow up again with smart alerts
FOCUSED: Enjoy the conversation without cumbersome formalities
UNLIMITED: Never run out of business cards or get tired of scanning QR codes

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