Administrivia is the bane of every office. Save your adminUTES with Greetly, the incredibly customizable digital visitor management solution.

What it does

Visitors simply tap the purpose of their visit, who they are there to see, and enter their name. Greetly instantly notifies employees via phone, text, email or Slack and logs the visitor’s information. Greetly can also capture visitor photos, signatures, NDAs and much more.

How we built it

Launched with a quick Wordpress backend and iOS native code. Quickly had to re-build everything from scratch to accommodate growth and new feature requests.

Challenges we ran into

MVP product had lots of challenges. Which we only ran into when our user growth took off. Had to rebuild everything from scratch to remove onboarding challenges, allow for scale and for future product iterations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a brand and product people love - from startups to Fortune 500 - from scratch.

What we learned

When you are doing something brand new, don't worry about the number of people who like your product. It is about who loves your product. Focus on whether or not people LOVE your product. Those are your potential early adopters.

What's next for Greetly Visitor Check In App

We are keeping it simple. Our short-term goals are to continue to generate awareness of digital reception and to grow our user base.

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