Sometimes wanting to do the right thing can be inconvenient if you have to carry around some recyclables after you're finished with them

What it does

At literally the touch of a button, our app allows city-goers to find and get directions to the nearest recycling bins in the NYC OpenData database

How we built it

We used NYC's OpenData database to make queries to locate all of the available recycling bins in New York City and sorted them based on distance from the user's current location. Then using Google Maps API and MapKit we were able to pinpoint and display locations of the nearest recycling bins.

Challenges we ran into

  • Asynchronously requesting data from the OpenData API
  • Adhering to the MVC architecture on the iOS App
  • Instantiating ViewControllers with efficient transfer of data
  • Handling unexpected nil cases
  • Unchartered libraries

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We added small UX experiences that we didn't initially plan out
  • We finished our original MVP
  • Sorting the locations by distance ourselves

What we learned

  • Asynchronous HTTP request and JSON parsing in Android (Java) is a pain
  • The Earth's longitudinal distance affects the calculation of the distance between two geographical coordinates

What's next for GreeNY

  • Implement navigation for iOS users
  • Enlightening users about different New York City's recycling protocols.
  • A User-friendly way to educate about the recyclability of an item
  • Memorable GIF Badges as rewards for outstanding recycling habits.
  • Expanding to other cities that offer similar API
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