I grew up playing games where you could customize your base think games like Warcraft lll, Farmville, CoC. Thought It would fun to create an app with a similar theme, but with a twist (Augmented Reality Version). I also wanted to build something outside of the box could raise awareness for people of any age and any one could use.

What it does

It's a gamified app where users can earn green energy points from completing in game goals such as taking muni instead of driving, turn off lights to save electricity, etc. Things that reduce Carbon emissions/making the planet more green.

How I built it

Built on Android with ARCore. Backend using NodeJS using Lambda Functions + Postgresql.

What's next for GreenWorldAR

Visting other players farms. Partnering up with an organization. Build for IOS. Adding more features to make the app more fun and hope it goes viral.

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