We've several map apps that lets us know the shortest routes between 2 points based on geolocation and traffic. But do we have an app that lets us know the cleanest and least polluted route? No until yet. That's what we've countered in our project.

What it does

Our app Greenway let's the user select starting point and destination, and then it suggests them the best route based on characteristics such as-
• least pollution
• more greenery
• short route
There's another screen as well where the user can see the AQI levels of cities around the world

How we built it

• For making the app, we used Flutter framework, so that it's deployable on both Android and iOS with same codebase
• For map integration, we used the maps API and did many modifications in it
• For AQI, we used AQI API

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge was that there was no direct method or API that can do what was required. So, we made modifications and devised algorithms to find the best routes for the user. Other challenge was the time limit of course, creating everything from scratch in 24 hrs was a big task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we're really proud that we were able to deliver a fully functional app in the given time constraints. Also we're pretty much proud about the project we made, because we personally think it solves a huge real world issue that no one else have addressed till now, and it's a stepping stone for attaining sustainability of life as well!

What we learned

We learned how to integrate maps API and AQI API in flutter. We also learned many new concepts throughout the timeline

What's next for GreenWay

Well, we would want to deploy it for real life usage, so that people may benefit from it. Also, we're planning to add more features, such as geolocation guiding throughout the route, accessing the land pollution and considering it to be a factor as well,

note: we're also dropping the apk file link to let you install and try it!

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