Inspiration All of us have a lot of receipts that seem to be lying around everywhere. A lot of times we want to keep track of how much we have spent on our credit cards and cash. It will also be nice if we can have a visual way to reminding us when our credit limits are about to run out. The idea is to build a simple app that allows you to process the images of receipts easily and keep track of your spending.

What it does It allows the user to take a picture of his receipt and send it to the server. The server then does the image processing and displays the corresponding spending percentage and bar graph on the webpage. It also gives user the option to see the original pictorial receipt if he desires.

How I built it We used html, css, and javascript (d3) to build the front-end and python and shellscript for the back-end.

Challenges I ran into We ran into the problems of having to crop the images correctly to be able to parse the numbers on the receipts. We also ran into the problems of not being able to connect to the server correctly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of We successfully cropped out the images, parsed the prices, and displayed them on the website.

What I learned D3.

What's next for GreenWater Make it for multiple users.

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