Pollution is a detrimental force to environmental sustainability and human health, which releases dioxins in the atmosphere that creates pollution in the air, water, and soil. The increasing rates of pollution and smog days from burning trash (plastic, paper, glass, etc.) is alarming to our community.


GreenView is a mobile app which will allow users to take pictures of any items and determine whether the item is recyclable or not.


We used PHPMyAdmin, PHP, and MySQL for the server-side and the database. The visual arts were designed using Adobe Photoshop and were put together using XML in Android Studio. We then used JAVA to access the Clarifai API and bring the app together. We utilized the Facebook Login API and Facebook Graph API to create a login system for the mobile application.

Challenges The Team Ran Into

This was the first time our interface designer used Android Studio, so we faced some challenges getting used to it, especially since he was unfamiliar with XML. Furthermore, this was the first time we utilized an image-recognition API and implementing documentation for multiple APIs as well (for example, Facebook API with the Clarifai API).


We finished a functioning app in roughly 7-8 hours. We stuck to our plan and didn't panic when our technologies were not compiling, building, or requesting protocols properly. Furthermore, the app utilizes machine learning APIs and server-side integration to create a fast and efficient mobile program.

What The Team Learned

We learned the importance of a well-thorough implementation of multitudes of application programming interfaces (APIs) and how they can interchangeably send and receive data between their methods and functions provided through the documentation. Furthermore, this was our hackathon's group first time utilizing Android Studio, so the Java and mobile platform learning experience was a challenge and provided us with a new skillset for the future of our software development.

What's next for GreenView?

The new generation of youth is tech-savvy and love apps like snapchat to take pictures with. We believe the release of this application on Google Play and iOS would increase recycling efforts in the United States.

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