Our project, we gamified the recycling issue, which is the duty of municipalities, in order to establish a more sustainable life and clean cities, with the aim of having NFT, which we call Ultimate Recycler.In this game, we aimed to create sustainability with the idea of increasing the prestige of people by having NFT, to produce a solution to the issue of recycling, to increase the number of products that participate in this field globally, and to prevent the products that are difficult to destroy in nature from destroying our lives.

What it does

Human nature demands respect above all else.With the Ultimate Cycler NFT, we planned to reach the expected value to people and to start a sustainable race in recycling with the steps to reach this value. In order to have the Ultimaterecycle NFT, it is necessary to recycle products such as glass, plastic, batteries. As the products are recycled, it is possible to reach the Ultimate Recycle NFT as a result of the developing levels. In the DEMO product we prepared, we used battery, glass, and plastic recycling, and we ensured that each recycling gave 1 NFT, and a level increase after the 5 NFTs reached, and the previous level NFTs were burned. Persons who have 5 level 3 NFTs in all conversion products will be able to have Environmentally Friendly NFTs. With the Burn/Mint mechanism in our code, we aimed to keep our supply constant and not to create inflation. Thanks to the balance of the token economy and the fact that the purpose of this game adds value to people, we have ensured that the game is continuously sustainable and included in the city life.

How we built it

In backend we were tried to zero to hero NFT contract and we used openzeppelin ERC-1155 library and Burnable NFT library. In front-end we used Next.js,Tailwind css and hardhat we tried to write animated front for our project.

Challenges we ran into

We had challenge in finding a topic We had challenge mapping ipfs files to smart contract We had challenge with the backend integration while writing our front. We had challenge filling out the report.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

that we have solved our problems success in creating an extensible project in the first hackathon we participated in The feeling of learning that comes from working continuously in this process Our learning about sustainability

What we learned

ERC-1155 IPFS Team working Sustainability Urbanism Friendship Making a network Recycling

What's next for GreenUrbanNFT

After all test we will improve product verification system and add more recycleable product.

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