Due to the on-going environmental problems such as global warming, waste, and more, along with today's high-stimulation environment, Greenuity aims to promote simple tasks that everyone can complete in order to contribute to a more environmentally sustainable way of living.

What it does

Greenuity is a simple web app that allows users to earn virtual money by completing simple eco-friendly tasks. It gamifies this concept, allowing users to take the virtual money and upgrade their virtual house.

How I built it

I built this website using HTML, CSS and Javascript through VSCode.

Challenges I ran into

Being the first time I tried web-development using HTML,CSS and Javascript. I faced many challenges such as learning a lot of new syntax quickly. Moreover, I had time-conflicts with the Hackathon, leaving me with only a fraction of the time to complete my project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm glad I engaged in this project as it allowed me to gain a lot knowledge surrounding the creation of a website using HTML, CSS and Javascript. I had lots of fun coming up with the idea and trying to make the idea a reality. Although the application needs a lot more development, I can definitely see this app having real-life impact.

What I learned

Throughout this Hackathon, I learned more about web-development, specifically the syntax of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Moreover, I learned to use Figma (UI design) and it generally opened my eyes to the possibilities of web-development.

What's next for Greenuity

There is a lot more development required before Greenuity achieves it potential. Future updates include a user-login system, daily progress checking and a leaderboard!

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