We want to create a product that participates in the global change that we have to make. We want to build a product that's based on equity and respect of the environment.

The Trave/Scrum Challenges that we want to address with our initiative are:

  • Sustainability & Relief
  • Travel & Experiences

What problems does GreenTrip address?

Are traveling and protecting the planet incompatible? No !

The travellers of tomorrow will be more and more demanding of information concerning their ecological footprint, as the figures from these studies show:

  • 1 in 2 French people spend their summer in France

  • 76% of French people want sustainable solutions to be implemented quickly

  • 17% of Europeans choose their destination according to the ecological footprint of the trip

  • 15% of French people have already made a responsible trip

Source: Booking 2019 Ecotourisme

Also, the current COVID 19 health crisis calls into question the functioning of the travel industry. Many travel companies around the world are not prepared for this radical change because they still offer the same pre-designed trips that are identical for everyone.

As you already know, travel companies have to evolve towards a sustainable system.

But how can we participate in this transformation? How to change consumption habits in the travel sector and make them environmentally friendly?

GreenTrip is the responsible traveller's booking platform.

Our goals

1 / To encourage travelers to opt for responsible travel by simplifying their search We give the keys to responsible travel to the travelers of tomorrow. We believe that by creating the right tools and making the right information accessible we can evolve the world of travel towards a respectful and sustainable ecosystem.

2 / Improve the distribution of the economy in the travel industry We will distribute the income equitably among all the players and will reinvest part of the profits locally.

3 / Educate travelers We want to participate in the global ecological transition by educating travelers and encouraging our partners to do the same.

What GreenTrip has to offer ?

Handpicked hotels for a 100% fun and responsible trip.

A precise yet clear rating system based on detailed environmental evaluation.

A fair economic system between hotelkeepers, brand partners and us.

A rewarding program for users : we will plant trees and offer perks from our partners.

Dynamic packages to meet all needs Our trips will be in the form of dynamic packages which will perfectly adapt to the different search criteria and offer a complete responsible trip: the most responsible accommodation and transport. You can also choose to book only the hotel.

The rating of our responsible trips We put forward the criteria for rating accommodation and transport in a fun and precise manner. We have created our own charter including specific criteria, some of which are inspired by European eco-labels. We verify ourselves that the hotels meet these criteria.

Search by responsible criteria In addition to the standard search criteria, we suggest that the user focus his search on the criteria responsible for his choice.

Business model

3 revenue streams.


  • Direct booking


  • Affiliate marketing : Enables ecologically conscious partners (e.g. Biocoop supermarkets) to add value for their customer while growing revenues through affiliate marketing

  • White labelled platform : Plug and play solution enabling partners to offer their customers a travel solution under their own brand

Value proposition

Awareness of the environmental impact We do everything we can to make our users aware of the environmental impact of their trip: Details of the note responsible for accommodation based on different pillars such as waste management or energy management Highlighting C02 emissions for the chosen transport.

Our 100% end-to-end packages We offer the most responsible route possible from the place of departure to the accommodation.

The gamification of our loyalty system In order to encourage the user to consume more responsibly, we have implemented a gamified loyalty system The more they book responsible travel on our platform the more they will gain experience and improve their green tripper status in order to have access to certain privileges For each reservation, we will offer him a number of virtual seeds. We will plant a tree for our customers for every 100 seeds reached

A scalable platform Can be developed locally in France and Europe at first, then in the rest of the world.

How we built it

With passion and dedication first !

Then, we proceeded in 4 steps:

1 / Research phase to better understand the sector, identify the competition and trends, identify user needs

2 / Definition of the project scope

3 / Ideation phase in order to generate ideas

4 / Creation of the digital solution (course, functionalities, design…)

  • Mock ups and prototype We produced the models and the prototype on Figma.

  • Platform To host the hotel inventory, we use the open source CMS Strapi. The platform is developed in full javascript. We particularly use vuejs as a front framework. Nuxt as framework SSR and PWA. We use Nodejs and express as middleware API. For deployment and hosting, we opted for Vercel (formerly Zeit now).

What is next for GreenTrip ?

We have a good news : we aim to continue working on this project !

1 / Contact the accommodation we have identified : The next step for us is to get in touch with the accommodation we have identified in order to check whether they perfectly meet our responsible criteria but also to invite them to participate in the proper development of the project.

2 / Carry out various user tests : We will do user tests to test our journey and our various features. This will allow us to protect ourselves and respond well to the different needs of our target.

3 / Improve our product : Offer customers to offset their C02 emissions by making donations when paying. These donations will allow us to plant trees or participate in various projects such as the conservation of the Amazon rainforest in Peru or the development of biogas in Sichuan.

4 / Contact B2B clients we have targeted : Any pure internet player with a qualified audience with eco-responsible consumption habits is a potential client.

5 / Perform our first fundraising : This will allow us to support our development.

Links to test GreenTrip

See you soon on GreenTrip !

Nolwenn Sill - Reynald Lechapt - Dylan Grava

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