Our team lead Hai visited a seed library in Richmond several months ago and was really impressed by the whole concept. When he heard about nwHacks and it's theme of sustainability the idea for myGarden was born. Hai informed the rest of the group about his idea and we all really liked it.

Our target user is the typical Vancouverite who is interested in beginning to grow their own home-grown and organic produce but have little to no experience. Our goal is to make individual organic farming as easy and fun as possible and hopefully thereby reduce the emissions associated with the many large vehicles constantly delivering fruits and vegetables to your local supermarkets. To achieve this we created an app in which you can create your own customized garden, learn the best date to plant certain vegetables in Vancouver, how long till maturation/harvest, the best time to fertilize the plants and how often to water them. The app then sends push notifications when the date of harvest approaches as well as when to water or fertilize the plants. The feature we are most proud of is the information the app provides. We give the planting schedule for various vegetables customized to Vancouver's unique geography.

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