Lack of interest and enthusiasm among people for public cleaning. We were lacking collaborative and joyful approach for volunteer cleaning which inspired me to make GreenStory.

What it does

It actually connect the different people having same cleaning ideology using two options 1) create Workplace. 2) Join Workplace. If some one want to join the public cleaning at specific location he wish can do which is hosted using "Create Workplace" by any person by specifying its location and description. Then the group of people dedicated to clean that location will be able to communicate to each other.

How we built it

Front end design was created using Canva, HTML, CSS, JS and few frameworks like Bootstrap. Backend development was done using NodeJs and MongoDB. I used Geographical API's to search and show specific location. I used for real time conversation.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge I run into was making user able to search the workplace according to location they enter. I also faced challenges in making it more user friendly.

What we learned

I learned to implement real life solution. I learned to make system more reliable and collaborative.

What's next for GreenStory

1) Making Accomplishment Workplace In which user can upload photos of cleaned place and post it on social media easily. 2) Do Awareness Programs We can Do awareness program related to environmental issues if we get efficient users. 3) avail travelling and cleaning option for revenue. As a part of income source for this project I have idea of implementing travelling options. In which people will go for travelling and do some cleaning events there. The travelling management can be done using our platform

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