Singapore is a regional hub for conferences, concerts, festivals & sporting events. While this brings a welcomed increase in revenue and tourist traffic, it also puts a heavier burden on refuse & trash management because attendees litter and/or do not recycle like they would do at home. A simple look around an empty stadium right after a busy game illustrates this point perfectly…

In general it is not that people want to litter, but being in a new environment and focused on enjoying the moment, they simply don’t think about it or know where to dispose of their trash.

What it does

Our goal here at “Green Sense” is to reduce the amount of participant-generated trash ending up as litter and/or not recycled (wherever facilities are provided) during this type of events/festivals. We aim to do this by reminding attendees of bins location and positive impact of recycling on their mobile phones via text messages delivered at specific time/places. We believe our solution will be efficient since it relies on simple but powerful psychological elements: a. A small nudge at right time will result in desired behaviour more than a generic informational campaign done on traditional media channel (retention) b. Group effect. People like to feel they belong in same group (especially at sportive events, festivals) so “if the people around me don’t litter, I am less likely to litter.” We are targeting event and festival organisers. Specifically the ones who either track their attendees details (e.g registration with name/mobile number,…) or who provide wifi access against mobile registration. (e.g wifi@SG,..)

How I built it

  1. Customer portal/account Management
  2. Attendee information Management
  3. Message Management
  4. Reporting/Project audit
  5. Customer Invoicing/book-keeping

Challenges I ran into

Integrating whispir into Meteor stack

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working on a social problem

What I learned

Creating quick MVP using meteor

What's next for Greensense

Working with event organizers. Get feedback and iterate on business model and other features

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