Our Inspiration

Innovative ideas can be found all over the internet, such as:

  • Renewable enegry side walks
  • Clean energy communities
  • Urban reversal where main roads are replaced with green spaces

Although you can visit various parts of the world to see these ideas in action, we'd like to see them working here towards Australia's SDG's.

Our solution is to focus on providing a platform that can encourage people within communities to enhance the area in which they live.

"A platform to create better connected communities, using sharing economy ethics to maximise liveability."

Tech Links: https://arrayofthings.github.io/ https://futurism.com/energy-generating-pavement-just-became-a-reality-in-london/ https://theecologist.org/2017/jan/10/solar-powered-electric-buses-uk-first

What it does

The initial prototype this will be focussed on delivering useful data in the following areas:

  • Quality of Air (Pollen, Pollution) with peak hours of levels
  • Micro Temperatures and UV
  • Community and local information data (social, news, important events)


The platform will be scalable where other API's and custom features can be added such as:

  • Trade and Share tools with neighbours
  • Local Vote towards a communities future (any age voting platform)
  • Emergency usage (e.g. forrest fire)
  • Configure the application to fit the communities needs

How can we scale this idea even further

A different version of the application will be created for a developing world as technology becomes more widely available, which will focus on their communities specific needs.

How we build it

By utilising our skills and acquiring partners specialising in:

  • IOT / software and hardware development
  • Socio-economic solutions
  • Design/UX

Challenges we ran into

  • Missing data on data Gov API's / Feeds to use in prototype (for the suburbs we wanted to use)
  • Lack of time to speak to more people / council / Community leaders about the idea

Accomplishments that we're proud of

New insights:

  • Large amounts of trust (95%) and engagement in the community 50/50 (from our survey)
  • Interest from everyone we spoke to (councils, locals, friends and colleagues)

What we learned

  • There is a data gap in Sydney - air pollution, allegens, mirco-climate
  • It was fun to take action in building a case for this project
  • People we spoke to would like to get more involved in their community for various reasons
  • Keep your hackathon idea simple, focus and evolve one problem area. In hindsight, we could have narrowed our idea down for the competition purposes.

What's next for Greenscape

We would really like to engage with corporations, councils and people who wish to collaborate with us.

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