Taking into account the ecological footprint of humans mainly made by industry and transport, and the increasing number of travels that we are experiencing nowadays, we wanted to develop an information system to reduce our environmental impact.

What it does

Our system bring you information about the possible destinations from your location in some dates, as well as the CO2 contamination of possible flights and current air pollution levels in the destinations.

How I built it

We have create a Flask Api, which uses the Skyscanner API to look for all the possible destinations. Once the destinations are obtained we use an API from to obtain the contamination levels from all the possible destinations in real time. All this information is showed in a dashboard, where you can see in a Map all the locations, as well as a graphic representation of the possible flight pollution generation, the current ambiental contamination and a ponderation of the two parameters.

The objective is to allow users to become aware of the impact of theirs travels and let them choose between the most eco friendly option, alerting them to avoid travels that contribute the most to contamination and avoid them to pollute the the most polluted areas.

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