GREENR is an app that helps you lower your energy use and reduce your power bill by informing and educating you on energy usage and energy star appliances. It is far more.

The app also offers a kit of cool tools and features that dramatically improve your comprehension of energy usage, as well as of energy assistance programs, including rebates, incentives, and tax credits.

GREENR uses Green Button data that calculates your annual, monthly, daily or hourly usage, energy savings/efficiency and then displays this data in an easy to comprehend graphical representations.

In addition GREENER includes a social aggregator that allows you to join an affinity group within your zip code, or to join an energy efficiency group anywhere. Aggregating your energy savings can make your group eligible for city and state rebates (within zip codes), federal community rebates (if you are within a group that is not regionally or potential funding for social programs.

Our social aggregator is called GREENVILE. The social aggregator facilitates engagement with friends, family and neighbors, in the quest to go green. The app allows guests to be part of something bigger than simply their own energy bill. It engages you in friendly competitions to be the greenest group of residents in your area, region, or nation.

An additional exciting feature of the GREENR app is that it utilizes the Augmented Reality (AR) capability that is built into today's devices to capture and visualize the smart devices of tomorrow's smart home. The Augmented Reality View is called "WattaVu".

GREENR focuses first on helping individuals in the following ways:


· Monitoring of Energy Use

· Energy use by day, month, and year

· Intuitive and graphically-pleasing dashboards

· Augmented Reality (AR) Viewer "WattaVu" sees the energy usage of smart devices/appliances


· Set goals and get actionable recommendations

· Track progress toward goals in real time with simple indicators or get more detailed information

· Get recommendations for energy-saving devices and appliances, recycling programs, green deals, rebates, incentives and tax credits

Compare & Compete

· Compare current usage against typical households in your city, state and country.

· See how your savings add up over time compared to others and your carbon footprint to see how much you have contributed to the planet.

Low Income and Assistance Programs

· California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) - Provides a 20% discount on your utility bill.

· The Family Electric Rate Assistance Program (FERA) - Bills some of your electricity usage at a lower rate.

· Energy Savings Assistance Program - Provides no-cost weatherization services.

· Discounts, Payment Plans, and Assistance Paying Your Bill - Some utilities offer payment assistance programs for their customers.

· Medical Baseline - Extra allowances of energy are billed at the lowest rate for customers who rely on medical-related equipment.

· Federal Low-Income Programs - Administered by the Department of Community Services and Development (CSD)

· Low Income Oversight Board - Advises the CPUC on low income issues.

GREENER gathers all of your utility usage and bills in one place, and lets you opt to share them with your friends, family and neighbors. In addition you can see the evolution of your usage and costs month over month, year over year, and can compare your performance to other homes in your neighborhood or group.

The app even facilitates groups doing good by donating collective rebates as contributions to causes the group deems worthy.

Groups allow you to compete, work together, and save energy with people you know.

Examples of some types of affinity groups who will use GREENR:

Friends to hit a savings goal to do some social good by civic engagement and contribute to energy efficiency of your neighborhood.

Coworkers in the office to make a team and see which team will save the most in a friendly competition.

Neighbors to rally together in an effort to help each other get savings, rebates and get the city to be eligible for city and state potential funding.

Be a "Champion Saver" by joining a group or start one to help guide through applications for energy challenges, get rebates/incentives/tax credits and earn rewards for saving energy from the power company.

Connect Now

Share and explore great energy saving tips and advice.

Get everyone to work together for a great social cause, hit savings goals and have the opportunity to get social programs funded.

GREENR empowers residential users to make informed decisions on energy reduction strategies, implement common-sense energy efficiency improvements and makes choices to do something green for their community.

Check how your energy use ranks against your friends, family and neighbors' each month.

See how your energy use stacks up against similar homes.

Try it!

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