There are many apps that are useful for young, busy people that round up individual purchases to the nearest dollar and invest the rest in stocks or trade on the behalf of the individual. Using this idea, I realized that in a world that is becoming more environmentally conscious, there needs to be an equivalent app that uses the spare change from rounded up purchases to donate to selected environmental charities through JustGiving and/or to purchase carbon offsets from Cloverly

What it does

It asks the user to login to their bank accounts and then connects the purchases through their banks and transfers the remaining change to GreenPact. This remaining change is then divided up based on how the user wants to either a charity of their choice or to lower their carbon footprint.

How I built it

Sketch and CSS

Challenges I ran into

Implementing the APIs into the model

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using Sketch and CSS for the first time

What I learned

Carbon Offsets and CSS!

What's next for GreenPact

Instead of just rounding up purchases to the nearest dollar, I want to add a "multiplier" so that users have an option to donate more money towards their portfolio than just the rounded value. The rounded value will then get multiplied by x1 or x2 or x5 etc. so that users can donate/offset more with no stress and more greenpact!

Have you made a greenpact today?

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