This project is submitted for the tracks of Environment and Google Cloud.


This application is inspired by the need to conserve and protect our Environment before it gets too late. Although NGOs and environmentalists are carrying out various activities to improve the condition but we all have to come forward to save our Earth and play our part as well because it is our moral obligation to do so. As a human who lives on earth, it is all our responsibility to make sure that it is protected. This is the only place we have to live and we should treat it with care and respect. But still many people don’t have time or are not motivated enough to care about all these So we came up with GreenOMedia- Cross platform gamified application built for encouraging people to start taking eco friendly steps by doing some small activities or by participating in events and earn rewards.

What it does

*Users can earn green credits for taking part in environmental activities/events(like Planting a tree,selling various wastes,writing blog related to environment,donate to Environmental NGOs etc) and redeem those credits in our partnered stores.

*With our app stay updated about the latest happenings,environmental events,air quality and much more

*A built in community forum for discussion and organization of events

*Also there is an in-app store where one can buy various products for environmental needs

How we built it

This app is built using Flutter to make it cross platform(Android,IOS,Web) and used Firebase as backend. Firestore for storing the user data,Realtime database for the credit system,Geolocation with geocoder for location. Then used Razorpay for payment gateway

Challenges we ran into

*Integrating proper green credits system in our app *Collaborating with various environment related NGOs,event organisers and stores *Secured payment gateway which we solved by using Razorpay API *Storing all the contributions of user .Then showing and updating it in real time.We solved these issues by using Firebase.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Successfully implemented many features in App, and we are also proud and glad that we are able to contribute towards saving our Environment via this application.

What we learned

1.Most importantly while building this app,we learnt a lot about in-depth facts and urgency to protect and conserve the environment. 2.Learnt more about the various features available in Firebase,like Geocoder,Realtime database etc. 3.We studied about securing sensitive user data using SQL Cipher technology

What's next for GreenOMedia

1.Adding more languages support 2.Realtime leaderboard section 2.Events to be updated more frequently and monthly Top 5 users on leaderboard will be getting bonus green credits 3.More options will be given for redeeming the green credits 4.GreenOMedia store will be updated with more varieties of products

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