What it does

Greenmo Let's you Connect with your plants using the Nexmo Call API. The device is powered by a CC3200 module, Temboo Services and Nexmo API. Now your plants will call you when they feel thirsty. With a single press of a key, you can water your plants. Get the soil moisture levels with Nexmo Calls. It was never been this easier to connect with your plants. Thanks to Nexmo!

How I built it

Using the CC3200 module and Temboo to connect with the nexmo API. I have attached a moisture sensor with outputs analog readings based on the soil moisture. So, we can detect when the soil is dry (or your plant is thirsty). Then we've written a temboo code which triggers a nexmo call choreo to call a predefined number. Then It asks you to input digits. If you press 1 (one), our CC3200 module makes the D7 pin high which in turn turns ON our Solenoid Valve and begin to water your plants. Once the moisture level reach the desired levels, The valve goes OFF and the user is notified.

Challenges I ran into

Using Nexmo in a new and Innovative way. Temboo did helped :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Used Nexmo API with Internet of Things

What I learned

Learnt to use Nexmo Call API. Implemented with the IoT Platform

What's next for Greenmo - Plants + Nexmo

A Photo + Temperature + Humidity Sensor. A realtime dashboard to view sensor readings.

Built With

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