Business and technology can encourage positive social engagement, consistent with the current wave of corporate environmentalism. However, there has been limited engagement with young families in a deep learning experience. We propose linking mobile applications and gaming with scientifically sound research to engage young families worldwide in positive social action. For example, young families can play our mobile game, GreenKids, where they explore world geography, wildlife habitats, and how environmental destruction has resulted in wildlife endangerment and extinction. This gaming experience will motivate and provide pathways and connections for social engagement to improve the environment. Corporations will have the opportunity to become an active partner in this social engagement with potential customers. Currently, in development is an interactive 3D simulation of the ecosystem inhabited by a giant panda in the mountainous regions of Southwest China. Initially, 6 continents and 36 endangered animals with varying difficulty levels will keep gamers engaged over time. The second phase is to simulate 5 other continents and build a social platform of users to connect and help save species in the real world. GKM will be available on the iPhone, iPad, android, PC and social media platforms. Monetization is proposed by freemium model and sale of soft products. For a demo of GreenKids, please see: In 2D In 3D is

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