We designed Greenit as a virtual door allowing you to take action anywhere and for any cause. Our app lets you measure your actions through fun and achievable challenges about real-world issues. We've engineered the experience to be focused around community-centric goals. You may contend for badges in your community, allowing you to be recognized for your noble efforts.

What it does

Greenit lets you measure your impact on the world. The actions you take towards the environment and the events you attend to aid in that goal will be measured to quantitatively total your help in making the world, truly, a better place. We use Green Points, a currency similar to Reddit's karma system which decides your ranking amongst your local community and the global leaderboards. We've made organizing and accessing events a breeze to make it super easy for people to go out and help the Earth!

How we built it

The frontend has been built using React with custom CSS. For the backend, we're using Node hosted on GCP.

Challenges we ran into

CORS is the worst, plus some undue assignments.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building and ideating a deeply impactful project that we're proud of.

What's next for Greenit

We intend to rewrite most of this project after the hackathon and create it into a real thing, because saving the environment is something the digital generation has been deeply sentimental about and we want to build an accesible approach towards it. submission:

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