The aim to build GreenifyMe was to bring nature close to everyone. I want to bring the best plants you need in your room, be it a personal room or a workplace. Instead of using an artificial room freshener how about a tangy lemon smell in your surrounding to refresh you during your work? That’s how I got the idea! 😋 It might not be a very effective way to reduce global warming but it can be a small step we can take as almost everyone today is busy with their schedules. Building a garden and maintaining it is tough but planting a small plant near your laptop sounds pretty easy and can be efficiently maintained.

What it does

GreenifyMe brings a list of small plants that can be planted with minimum space. The explore page gives the plants list. the blogs page gives experiences of several people about how planting a plant near them changed the way they lived. I haven't completed all the blogs and plants description with real information. right now most of the info is written as lorem ipsum. The project aims to bring out the necessity of plants and nature in our lives even though it's a very small step. The world is facing a hazardous threat of global warming and mixing this idea with the busy lives of people I wanted to make something that helps the earth even in the slightest way.

How I built it

I am a beginner when it comes to frontend. It's been 2 months since I started learning it. creating index files, then a folder for images and many more. the whole project is static with few animations. It doesn't have many complexities as I am yet to learn more.

Challenges we ran into

There were lots of challenges, seriously a lot. First, I struggled with the home page, as the main text wasn't centring. The blogs section took me 3 days to complete, as the hover effect was messing with the layout of the page. The blogs page was the toughest for me. Whenever I hover above the page breaks and shakes. It created a lot of abnormalities in a simple page with no complexities. Then I realized I need to learn grids and flex boxes more thoroughly. Sniff. The animation page I mean the login page was a tough nut to crack. animation cost me a day sleep. I am completely new to animation using JS, so with lots of time in hand, I searched on the internet and learnt it (not that much) and took some help from youtube. Also, I learned that doing stuff alone is hard, I will definitely work with a team next time. At last, I am glad that it finished.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I am proud that I built it all by myself. Also, I learnt a lot during the process. It was tough but I never expected it to be this much fun. I discovered a lot during the process. I understood a few UI/UX practises, how to make things look good from a user's perspective and also a lot more.

What we learned

Learning was not separated from the project. When I uploaded it on Github I learnt how to use Github right then and there. The whole process was very hard for me as a complete beginner with zero knowledge of GitHub. I took help from people while uploading but understood and learnt git/Github. I simply learnt a lot and hence I am grateful for this opportunity.

What's next for GreenifyMe

GreenifyMe needs more features. It needs to be responsive and it should cover a lot of more aspects. first, the login page has to be more interesting and should contain options like sign up with social media accounts. Also, I am planning to make more articles section and comments sections as well. In the future, GreenifyMe needs more work than just a static website.

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