Greenify bot helps to spawn retweets from other people's tweet with in our hashtag list,

he also automates status updates with some data we compiled with some of our research.

Greenify bot (Twit Hunter πŸ€–) is finally live πŸ₯‚πŸ₯³πŸ₯³.
he helps us repost tweets with our hashtag list😎#greenify #greenifyafrica

β€” John Daniels (@johnkoder) August 13, 2022


This was inspired by out vision to encourage recyling in africa


Greenify bot helps to create awereness about our product Greenify Africa

Module's used

We built with twitter api-v2 and v1 modules provided twitter via npm, using the filtered stream point

Little Fallbacks

Oauth2 authentication was a real pain, and also trying to do webhooks and quick replies... we couldn't really flow because we had no prior experience with the twitter-api

What we are Proud about

We built a bot that retweets other people's tweets about Greenify to spead the word, this is so cool!

What we learnt

When Patience and Diligence is applied nothing can stop us, not even obscure docs

Greenify-bot future updates and insites

Greenify bot is also powered by a cron job based interface that helps us to schedule posts at a specific time... Our bot will monitor all users who make testimonials on twitter to help us promote our product. In the future we believe we can attain a better base of verified research outcomes about our environment and how it is polluted.

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