We believe in making our own contribution towards an environmental change. Real change can only be brought by all of us being aware of the state of out planet. We bring the data to people and encourage responsibility for our own future!

What it does

Our app lays out the most important indicator of the environmental change - air pollution. It fetches data from university data sources and plots it firstly on an interactive map, and secondly on a beautiful D3 diagram. We wanted to entertain our user, and the sleek graphics can be easily manipulated to bring out the most important features of the dataset - pollution levels for various weather stations, historical data for comparison as well as the most recent, real-time updated data. We crunch the data through the OpenTSB database in order to provide our users with the most relevant data in the fastest possible way!

How we built it

We built it using the most cutting-edge tech stalk including, primarily, Angular and D3 for visualisations. Our work was made a bliss through the use of the latest front-end development tools like Grunt, Bower and Yeoman!

Challenges we ran into

We love git, and git loves us, but it's a troubled relationship.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Connecting up Angular with D3 was a challenging learning experience, yet a very rewarding one. We are glad we could have learned about the modern way of doing front-end, and a better way of solving git conflicts than deleting the repo and cloning again.

What's next for GreenHouseGases Visualiser

Lot of sleep! We want to make the app even more interactive and let the user play with even more data. Because of some compatibility issues, we decided to migrate our project from Open Street Maps to Google Maps (angular likes its siblings). Further UI tweaks and visualisation tools will make our mission even clearer and the people even more hyped about hacking for the greener future!

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