We wanted to be a change catalyst in driving the climate action plan. Our experience with Power Over Ethernet (POE) working with architectural firms on new builds inspired us to develop a system to capture data and usage information on existing buildings. We believe that knowledge is power; with knowledge, people are more inclined to change to meet the CAP goals.

What it does

We are devising a smart way to monitor and report energy and water usage on both the individual device level all the way through to an overall total level. This includes devices that measure energy usage from a wall port, direct wire applications such as lighting and big appliances, individual breakers, individual appliance/room water pipes, and main water line. Part of our development also includes new appliances that have built in monitoring chips (no retrofit required). These monitoring points then broadcast their acquired data by wireless transmission; more specifically via 6LoWPAN protocol. Additionally these devices can behave as a mesh network to further expand their range and versatility. This information is centrally collected by a hub and then can be transmitted via internet to multiple devices and interested parties.

How we built it

We are leveraging off of existing technology that already has the sensor capabilities, but currently communicates on a variety of different broadcasting protocols. We are taking these sensors and fitting them with 6LoWPAN broadcasting chips. This allows us to utilize all the benefits of the newly developed 6LoWPAN protocol. For the hack we tested this idea by taking a wire energy usage sensor device, connected it to a microprocessor (Arduino board) and broadcasted with a 6LoPWAN chip. This assembly was then connected to a typical surge protector to measure it energy usage.

Challenges we ran into

Team availability was a challenge for the weekend-long event. Going forward, government support will be key for piloting and implementation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to formalize our idea and learn new technologies within such a short window of time.

What we learned

The companies that came together to share their knowledge on data gathering and visualization, machine learning, and insights was a priceless experience. There are many new and exciting developments being made in the home and business monitoring and control industry.

What's next for Greengineer System

We want to see this get interest from private and public leaders in the community and backing for our pilot program as we build the infrastructure around the system to integrate all the components to prepare and bring it to the market nation wide.

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