We wanted to help folks make the best choices in the foods they consume. We feel that people should not only know the nutritional value of their food, but where it comes from as well.

What it does

Our website lets you keep track of what you eat and tells you where your food comes from.

How we built it

We started with an Materialize CSS/HTML template and built off it, we inserted our own javascript code as well as APIs to help get the site going.

Challenges we ran into

APIs not working properly, not working properly, figuring out where our food comes from, getting our javascript code to work properly, ironing out the bugs, and finding the right APIs to help us get our website going.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a working demo going, figuring out how to help people get more information on their food, and getting an idea into a working website within a few hours.

What we learned

How to better implement APIs, improved Javascript skills, improved HTML skills, SnapKit implementation, Google sign in implementation, and most importantly where our food actually comes from

What's next for greengenefood

Building a demo that does even more, eventually leading into a fully developed site that does everything we hope this website can do and more!

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