We must always remember our duty to nature. We do not need to be leaders to change the destiny of our planet, we just need to be willing to become agents of change even in our most basic decisions. We strongly believe that we can create a sustainable culture among greenfood users and lead the way towards climate change.

What it does

greenfood lets users take control of their food and meal choices, giving them information about the carbon, energy and water footprint. It lets users search among the database of meals greenfood has registered, using keywords search, barcode scan, and image recognition.

How we built it

We brainstormed several possibilities to engage our users and present the information in the most digested format so no excuses are left to understand our foodprint. A mobile app was the way to go, Android was the chosen platform since it has most of the mobile users. We put together an image recognition API, barcode API, several predefined meals and a large database of common foods and meals to deliver eco-data.

Challenges we ran into

Data related to energy and water footprint are very scarce, we had to perform web crawling and augment data we had already. And put on top of the data a service to provide access to them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have learned more about our own footprint in these two days than we had in the past years, although this has nothing to do with a tech-related accomplishment we believe that with our app more people can feel the same and thus, our goal will be met, that is the whole purpose when dealing with a social issue.

What we learned

We learned a lot about carbon and water footprint and the impact our daily choices have on our planet.

What's next for greenfood

Make the app able to connect people in a household and check the foodprint as a family. Connect friends to share not in a social media, but to engage them in a community of leaders of change.

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