Computer tasks require loads of power! and power generation emits pollution, so why not greenify and optimize our emission levels

What it does

Given you IP address and computer power profile and tasks, gives you the carbon footprint of your computing tasks and emission level along with fuel mix for the power you consumed. Provides alternatives for a greener way to perform your task

How we built it

We used data from the EPA and statistics related to emissions from power generation for all states, and combined this with grid level data and stored the collected data on mongodb. Then we setup google cloud function serverless backend to generate the findings from user input and the collected data.

Challenges we ran into

time! we ran out of time before integrating the frontend and backend

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the basic functionality works

What we learned

we gained a lot of knowledge about power generation and the ecological footprint of computer related tasks

What's next for Greenergy

better integration, maybe release an npm module or pip package

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