We created a prototype of a Platform, which simulates a Sagra in Venice, a local festival which involves food, music, and community. It is an ancient tradition, which happens yearly in different campi in Venice. The event will take place on one day a year and present all local specialties. There will be elements such as a lottery. In the long term it will act as an archive to give visibility to artisans, artists, musicians, agriculture, and communities. This platform aims to support local realities in COVID-19 times and beyond. It aims to gets us through the crisis in social distancing times and support local realities by donations. It is completely free of charge. It also aims at communicating harvest and connect local agricultural services with citizens, because soon we will have the harvest and we don't want any crop to be wasted. It does not aim to replace the beautiful tradition of Sagre but rather to complement and remind us of the beautiful moments we spend with our friends, neighbours and local businesses and make sure that they all get through the crisis by donations from all over the world.

Example: Festa di San Giovanni in Bragora Programme of Sagra 2019:

Vision and Mission

GreenerEU is a social entrepreneurship startup whose focus lies in Green Supply and Sustainable Development with a positive social impact providing consulting, education, and digital solutions for all aspects of sustainability, especially regarding tourism.

At the moment, considering the global pandemic of covid19, our team has directed its efforts into a project which helps the preservation of artisans and local businesses in the City of Venice, Italy, as it has become one of the most affected centers of tourism on Earth.

The project’s long-term goal is to preserve and benefit from cultural heritage for generations in the future and innovating the tourism industry toward sustainable development.

Offer an inclusive experience: Every one no matter what type of disability should be able to experience Venice!

Our Projects & Conferences

June 6, 2018: Organizing Team in the Council of Europe's Cultural Routes and Council of Europe Venice Organizing the first EUSAIR Meeting in San Servolo Island on the future of tourism in the Adriatic & Ionian Sea (

May 2019: Rome Model European Union Organizing Team for the First Conference, Spazio Europa Roma, on Sustainability

May 2019: Conference Interreg Venezia, on fishing and sustainable litter management at Sea

May 2019: Regione del Veneto 2020: AI4EU

January- ongoing: Patto Venezia Consapevole Gruppo Tecnico del Calendario Collettivo delle Associazioni di Venezia (2019) creation of a common calendar of Venetian Associations to increase participation in local life.

What it does

Our project is combining multiple dimensions of language learning, supporting virtual tourists and local businesses likewise. Here, a virtual language class is brought together with a real-life experience to cultural heritage, bring virtual tourists and local business together.

The E-learning course will be merged with a virtual map. On the one side the student will learn the basics of Italian Language and will engage by practicing listening to locally produced audiobooks, watching classic movies set in Venice through a digital map with Films shot in Venice and listen to podcasts. On the other side Locals will be empowered through digital skills supporting them to promote their business online. Both aspects deploy their impact in a digital map of artisans and artists that will make the students engage with the local culture.

Our project of a virtual Sagra encompasses two features:

  1. Sustainable Tourism Map: The sustainable tourism map is a project initiated in 2016 with the purpose of giving visibility to local artisans, artists and organizations with positive impact on local society. The digital map is a path finder for travelers to navigate and explore cities in a constructive way, rather than cause negative impact consequential to mass tourism. In addition, supporting local artisans and artists also supports the conservation, longevity and lifetime of cultural heritage
  2. Workshop: Digital Skills for Artisans, Artists, and Sustainable Local Businesses Creating digital pathways to ensure their visibility and interconnectedness within the global market, creating a platform for them to mutually communicate and network, and finally partnering up with big institutions, enabling them to give back to the local community in terms of visibility, collaboration opportunities, and diverting tourist flows towards more sustainable solutions post-pandemic. We intend to define and utilize the most successful strategies for their further implementation in other cities and regions around the world. We teamed up with Venice Calls a local Association in Venice to create a prototype of our website. Together we a searching for organising a multiplier event. This shall give people the chance live to life the live the atmosphere of a traditional Venetian sagra even from their home, enjoying while contributing to the effort of saving venice’s local shops, restaurants and hotelerie during the economic and social struggle of Covid-19 pandemic. Going beyond the emergency by creating a new way of entertainment, by experimenting a new model of event which may integrate “offline” events in the future. This will be interactive through a stream on our website and a Youtube Live Stream. We are creating different pop activities to garner donations for different stakeholders, related to our framework of traditional local activities in Venice. People shall meet via enjoying music and meeting each other via webchats and videocalls.

At the same time, this way the special difficulties of Venice and its inhabitants become obvious here. We are providing a fundraising opportunity to help them, building solid partnerships. among associations and startup for a shared thinking on how to save, change and improve Venice as a city and a community.

The First Digital Sagra will take place on the 30th of May follow the event link here: Online Sagra

Contributors: Individuals from local Youth, ShotinBerlin, Team of Vorhilfe Online, Questo: (

Multiplier Events


  • Create sustainable cultural heritage-preserving, inclusive sustainable tourism
  • To make people live the atmosphere of a traditional Venetian Sagra even from their home, enjoying while contributing to the effort of saving Venice’s local shops, restaurants, and hotels during the economic and social struggle of Covid-19 pandemic. Going beyond the emergency by creating a new way of entertainment, by experimenting with a new model which may integrate “offline” events in the future.
  • To develop an online event, the Sagra Online, accessible for free by everyone vie internet, in Italian and English language.
  • Broadcast the event on a website and on a YouTube Live Stream, making it interactive.
  • Creating different pop-activities to drive donations towards different stakeholders, related to our framework of traditional local activities in Venice.
  • Making people enjoy music and to meet via webchats and video calls.
  • Enhancing disclosure on the difficulties that Venice, his inhabitants and workers are facing and providing fundraising opportunities to help them.
  • Creating solid partnerships among associations and startup for a shared thinking on how to save, change and improve Venice as a city and a community.
  • Contributing to Covid-19 research and helping hospitals: 20% donations to be directed to dedicated funds.

The First Digital Sagra will take place on the 30th of May following the event link here: Online Sagra


How we built it

The project is built on the principle of diversity, bringing together young and motivated Europeans from all over the Union, which would like to learn from each other. Based on our own international experience in tourism, education, and civic participation, this project was built. Many members have own experience in tourism, are polyglot. Furthermore, due to those commitments, every one of use managed to establish their own international network. Therefore, this idea is built on the principle of deploying the full potential of virtually learning a language and meeting a real culture behind, by getting into contact with locals and local culture.

Challenges we ran into

In the beginning, the most urgent challenge was to define, where we would need help. Therefore, the most urging challenge was to set priorities, as to where to put most efforts into. After a first-team meeting, we soon discovered how our individual weakness could be compensated by complementing strengths. This way we split up into members searching for mentors and supports, meanwhile others were drawing the project proposal, pushing the agenda further. The next challenge will be to convince more local partners to join our projects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At the end of this Hackathon we are very proud of strengthening our network with new partners from all over the European Union, joining forces, to tell a different story. We are foremost proud of setting up a storyline, where learners will be accompanied by virtual particular guides. Furthermore, we managed to set up a virtual platform for celebrating a virtual Sagra (funfair), where local artisans and shops shall have the opportunity to present themselves. Through those measures, the awareness for gaining visibility will be promoted among the local businesses in Venice.

Nevertheless, the biggest accomplishment is to set up a virtual infrastructure, which can be transferred to other cities in Europe and beyond, that are curious to present their local culture through a digital festival. This way virtual tourists and local culture are brought together.

What we learned

During the hackathon we learned a lot about coordination of various topics, setting up a priority list. Furthermore, we strengthened our awareness for a 360° perspective, looking at the project with the eyes of the client, the artisans as also the business partners involved. We also acquired new skills in how to combine local commitment with digital curiosity for learning languages.
Especially we learned how to bring “Venice life to live”

What's next for GreenerEU

The next steps will be to finish our prototype, eventually inviting local businesses and artisans to contribute to the presentation of their business, artwork as cultural performance for the Sagra. After that in coordination with our partners, the map will be completed, connecting the virtual world with a real-life experience of language learning and cultural heritage. Our next step will be to implement our project in the environment of Venice. After that, it is worth exploring, whether such kinds of events could be organized in other cities as well, involving local businesses, artists but moreover also getting museums and cultural institutions to join. We would like to make an offer, where virtual tourists can enjoy the local culture live, while at the same time persevering those peculiarities for a sustainable experience.

We also want to connect museums, exhibitions, the Biennale and International Film Festivals such as the Venice Film Festival, the Carvenale with the Ballo del Doge and much more! Stay tuned.

We want to include local realities to give it the grassroots touch such as: Partnering up with Local Organisers of the Sagra such as SanGiacomo, Venice Calls, the Bacharo Tour (, Guggenheim Museum, the City Council patronage, UNESCO Venice and UNSDGs and Museums Also, we want to create the full dimensions by working with highly sustainable restaurants to create a "Piatto Sagra" takeaway which can be delivered to your home by caterers such as Orient Experience, Mappamondi, Laguna Libre, Donna Gnora, etc. Then, of course, we will need musicians, artists, and entertainers to keep us company during the digital Sagra so we need to make an event plan.

After the Sagra we have the Platform Open as an Archive of initiatives, artists, artisans and any type of organization to present local produce and services through the map which will act as an archive of intangible cultural heritage for the generations to come.

The Online Sagra will then be taken to other districts in Venice, other places suburbans areas, other Regions Palermo, Other countries Santorini, Marseilles and any other place that has a similar idea so local traditions, communities, food, and arts can celebrate life in their own ways to celebrate our diversities unitedly showing the beauties of tangible & intangible heritage. Join us now! <3 <3 <3

By the way..... The Bavarian Oktoberfest is also a type of "Sagra" so why not make an Online Octoberfest providing links to local artisans, artists and museums?

Like our idea? Join our donation-based language courses: (give what you can) We offer: German, Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish & English At the end of the Italian Course we will have you may meet one of the Artisans through a personal interview in Italian.

Or donate to the Sagra Project directly here:

Now sit back & Enjoy See technical presentation at the end of the page and the Adventure Video here. Adventure Pitch Film Draft:

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