Originally we were thinking about creating a platform for user to post where there are large amounts of trash and litter, but after a talk with a mentor, we decided to shift our focus to global corporate environmental abuse. Corporate environment abuse is less of a problem in developed countries due to strict laws and regulations, but in developing countries, many corporation take advantage of loose laws in order to save money. This takes a toll on the environment on a global scale which affects all of us. In a world where humans all over the globe are connected, we should not allow corporations to participate in deforestation and environmental pollution without backlash.

What it does

Greener World tackles an environmental problem caused by corporate dumping. Our site is able to use a Web Scraper that pulls the location of Instagram posts that use the hashtag #GreenerWorld_. With this data we are able to pin-point location's of corporate environmental abuse on Google Maps. We hope to bring more awareness to address companies that frequently abuse our environment and to alert proper authority if warranted.

How we built it

Using the free domain provided we built a website using HTML and CSS that showcase our site concept and initial work in utilizing an API. The API we used scrapes information from Instagram based on hashtags and generates a custom Google Map of where the images were taken.

Challenges we ran into

We had challenges using HTML to create our website for we had never created a website before. It was also challenging for us to set up the API we wanted because we never used an API before. It was also tough for us to embed the API to the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We tackle a lot of problems that we've never tackled before. With the strenuous effort of using HTML and CSS to create our first functioning website that was on a domain. We were also able to use API's for the first time and use a web scraper to pull data off of Instagram and plot points onto Google maps.

What we learned

-Using HTML/CSS to create a website -Creating a domain -using APIs -Using Json

What's next for Greener World

Currently the Web Scrapper and Maps API all work independently, but are not yet integrated into our website, accomplishing this is the next step of our product. In addition to that we need to set up a processing system for company's so we can sort, track and display which companies are abusing the environment, where these abuses are occurring, and how often they are occurring.

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