Looks like masks are a part of our attire these days, well they were an integrated part of our attire even before the pandemic in cities like New Delhi, Kanpur etc because of high levels of air pollution. So we came up with this radical idea, through which we can inspire people to plant more trees and help the needy orphans!

What it does

We came up with this revolutionary idea, and implemented it into an app. This app helps people host events where others can come as volunteers, and they all plant a tree together. Or you can use this app to look for events hosted by others, and participate in the ones you like. Once the event is done, you can mail us your photo planting the tree and how your experience was. After approving, we will award you with some points, which can be later redeemed. When you redeem these points, we donate some money to an orphanage, and even mail you the name of orphanage which was benefitted from your good work. So, people are motivated to plant more and more trees not for some personal benefit, but for the benefit of the society.

How we built it

We used android Studio as our IDE, and java android as our language for development of the app. We used XML for designing layouts. We used firebase ( cloud firestore ) for backend purposes. We used Adobe photoshop for background images. We brainstormed our idea on a whiteboard, and then came up with the idea of how things will work. Then we all worked together, and made the app.

Challenges we ran into

We had a hard time deciding how backend should work, but luckily, we did everything successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our app inspires people to plant trees, by not luring them with money, or by benefiting them personally, but by making them realize that their contribution will help some needy orphan somewhere around the world. So, we are really proud of the approach we are using here.

What we learned

A lot, a few things in tech, but basically how to work in a team.

What's next for Greener

Right now, people have to host events. But we are planning to host events ourselves too soon.

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