By travellers, for travellers and a healthier planet.

The first sustainable travel platform devoted to raise awareness of people's impact on the world in an original and friendly way.

The website is designed to suggest you the "greenest" path between two places, but still realistically enough to be a feasible itinerary. The modes of transportation vary from flights, rails and public transport. Furthermore, in the design are included small tips and tricks to apply in your daily life to become a more conscious and responsible decision-maker.

The idea came to us thinking about how flights are the undisputed best and more comfortable way of travelling. With the rise of low-cost airlines and flight-comparing websites, flying became more accessible to everybody. Sadly, it is also a very environmentally costly way of getting around, and that more solutions should be available, and the word about travel pollution should be spread. This is why we provide itineraries between two places based on buses, trains and flights ranked by their average CO2 emissions. We have learnt a lot during the past 36 hours, we became very comfortable working with various APIs at the same time and notably improved our Vue.js skills. Unfortunately, given a lack of budget, and a lack of response by websites such as Omio or Trainline, we could not provide proper public transit booking suggestions. After much trial and error to find a proper transit API, we settled for Google Direction, which revealed to be very valuable. Luckily Skyscanner has provided their API for us to use which made our workflow much smoother.
What matters the most is the experience we gained and most of all the core of the idea, which is to promote sustainability, which we don't think the travel industry has stressed enough before.

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