The Green Spotter team is inspired by the seemingly universal and heightened sense of community that has risen out of the current global pandemic crisis. We want to empower civilians to build environmentally conscious futures, by connecting people to each other through local sustainability initiatives.

We are personally invested in the issue of food waste. During the COVID-19 crisis, establishments that under normal circumstances feed many, now find themselves with an excess supply and don’t have the network to redirect their supply chain.

All of our team members are immersed in different elements of community building through technology and sustainability engagement practices. Our team members’ diverse backgrounds in sustainability, marketing, art technology, engineering, web development, and UX/UI design has enabled our group of four to come together and actualize our project: Green Spotter.

What it does

Our platform, Green Spotter, helps users connect with other people and sustainability initiatives in their communities.

How we built it

We researched hundreds of sustainable topics and solutions in order to begin and expand our database. With over 200 sustainability solutions captured so far, our platform has the potential to grow into a larger global network. So far, we have catalogued and categorized solutions on every major continent.

Challenges we ran into

As a team, we ran into a few technical challenges during this hackathon. We encountered some roadblocks while figuring out how to transition from an interface design to a live website. We also spent time understanding how to link our database on the backend to our website. We also had to troubleshoot how to address queries that add an input into our database when suggestions are sent in. Last, we faced some challenges in editing our pitch script for time. Ultimately, by utilizing all of our individual skills, our team was able to overcome these obstacles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of what our team was able to achieve in this short time, collaborating easily on all aspects of our pitch and prototype despite the distance between us. While many of us are physically apart, this worldwide pandemic has brought local and global communities together. Our team is inspired to continue to nurture this sense of community with the platform we’ve built together.

What we learned

As a team whose interests lie in sustainability, we enjoyed the research and data compilation portion of this project because we discovered a wealth of innovative and novel environmental solutions we had not considered before embarking on this project.

What's next for Green Spotter

The Green Spotter team is excited to continue developing our database and user platform. We want to expand our database and market our platform to encourage user generated content. We want Green Spotter to grow into a larger network in which users add their own solutions to the platform.

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