Greencycle is a project meant to help Alexa users rethink their recycling habits and carbon impact on the planet. Instead of reinventing the recycling process, we got to start changes in the minds of people, stimulating them to make smarter solutions about their recycling and sustainability daily activities.

What it does

It is an iOS app augmented by an Alexa Skill which will collect data about a household’s lifestyle using ResearchKit and CoreMotion API and calculate their carbon impact as well as providing relevant tips about greener and smarter lifestyle (such as about recycling).

Greencycle will present users with weekly statistics of their carbon footprint in a barchart (comparing their results to average US and world ones). Do check out my github for more!

How I built it

Xcode, Alexa developer console, AWS

Challenges I ran into

Working with charts was a challenge (that's why you won't see any in my demo but coming soon!).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Functionality that is already there after 24 hours of dev

What I learned

Something totally new for me was creating an amazon alexa skill

What's next for Greencycle

Statistics display and data storage, improving the alexa skill functionality

Built With

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