GreenChefs is a company that strives to provide a clean and sustainable future for the next generation of Canadians by socially engineering the consumer dining experience of dining experience. Our company provides an inventory management software program and mobile application, for restaurants, and the general public, respectively. Our inventory software embedded with reinforced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms help restaurants save money, which consequently helps consumers save money as well.

So what is it? (Solution)

App for consumers: Interface allows them to see local deals on food that restaurants have made using the extra food they had leftover in their inventory. This allows them to purchase THROUGH the app (reserve mode) & have a receipt-less purchase. App grabs user data and provides it to the restaurants in the area.

Enterprise Solution: An inventory management system that keeps track of weekly inventory & expiry dates on food and consumer orders. Optimizes the ordering of future inventory using reinforced machine learning to reduce waste and costs, keeps track of all the food in the inventory and tells them based off that when to do a “special” sale made with that food.

The Problems

1.) 55% of consumers want to learn to be environmentally conscious, but there are few appealing low-income and ecofriendly options. "Green Food" can increase a restaurants costs by 50%. 2.) The other half costs by 50%. of the population does not care or want to change their behaviour (myopic) as there is no economic or monetary incentive. 3.) The current management of food inventory in the dining industry is wasteful. When things get near their expiration date, restaurants throw out or attempt to make a cheaper, daily special which most consumers do not know about.

Value Proposition

A new approach to the dining industry by saving money for companies and consumers while reducing waste. We provide companies with ways to increase conversions, allow them to save money on inventory, give eco-friendly options for less to consumers, letting individuals feel involved in the action against climate change while saving money.

Customer Segment Categories

-Geographic -Demographics -Psychographic -Behavioural Primary: Buy food because its eco-friendly, upper class, not price sensitive Secondary: The bell curve. They buy food because its a good alternative & cheap through our service Tertiary: They buy because its cheaper, blue-collar. Overall price sensitive


Reach out to companies with CSR's to increase reach of enterprise solution and institutions with green mandates such as high-schools (containing younger generations). Improve SEO management for restaurants to help market their newly implemented eco-friendly practices. <- Project Lean Business Model Canvas <- Detailed Project Overview

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