Working for a company that processes a high amount of classified data, the use of Open Source tools is nearly impossible. As Covid put all of us in home office this year, the demand for an open source whiteboard got higher and higher. Our idea: Create a whiteboard that uses all tools ( pencils, points, post-its etc.) and replaces meetings. Working for a Green-IT-Company, the name "Greenboard" is more than a name: It stands for our values in a highly digitalized present.

What it does

"Greenboard" is a fully functional whiteboard. Post-Its can be filled, placed, processed, deleted and moved at any given time. Our "Greenboard" is a virtuell room that can be entered at any time via browser acess. For documentation and off-browser use it can be downloaded in jpg. or png.

How we built it

We collaborated agile via Jitsi, as frontend we used angular and JavaScript/TypeScript. Quarkus and Java were used as a backend.

Challenges we ran into

There were no real challenges as we were aware of the upcoming steps. "Learning by doing" was fluently during the whole process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The spirit between our team and how we helped each other during the development. According to one of us it "felt like we were in the same room all the time"

What we learned

Setting small milestones and keeping the level of communication high all the time was our key to sucess.

What's next for Greenboard

Greenboard will be rolled out in our company shortly after Hackathon to support all staff during homeoffice.

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