Everyone knows about the challenges that our planet is facing when it comes to the environment. This is why we would like to cultivate an eco-friendly culture among the general public in a fun and simple way.

What it does

GreenUP will allow you to take a picture of an object and will suggest different fun and sustainable ways to reuse and recycle your object. You do a favor to Earth while having fun!

How we built it

We used Python for our backend and Google Cloud's Cloud Vision API to build an ML model that will detect the object on camera. For the front end, we used Flask.

Challenges we ran into

Knowing the right tools to use in the start of the project is always a hard task. We had to do a lot of research and ask questions before starting to code. Gathering a good dataset of different objects and ways to recycle them was also not easy. We did not know much about Google Cloud's API and Flask, so we had to do some research.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are just proud to be able to complete the project and come up with something that works and achieves good results.

What we learned

A LOT! From how to code in the backend, deploy the ML model, move to the front end.. We just learned a lot from this project and we are happy to have been able to complete it.

What's next for GreenUP

We would like to expand our dataset and include more objects and maybe new features that would make it better for the user.

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