In a world where our climate is of increasing importance, and therefore our role in preserving it even more crucial, it is often the question "what can I do?" that stumps the average person. To solve this, we propose Greenary: we all shop, be it for coffee or ketchup or a new computer, and a simple way to work towards a more sustainable future is by making better choices with products whose production process has been sustainable and environmentally safe. How does Greenary help you do that? This is how. Simply enter in a company name and Greenary will provide a concise summary of sustainability reports of the company, and even its suppliers or any other related companies. So as you can see, a complex process that would normally have taken hours to do was computed in a matter of seconds, because making a positive impact on our environment shouldn't have to be that hard. Simply gauge through our summary and make a more through, informed choice that will not only take an item off your shopping list, but help take a piece of the burden on our planet.

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