We have all read in our elementary school education about the three R's to save the environment. Re-use, Recycle and Reduce. But have we ever used our school knowledge in our practical day-to-day life. So I just thought to recall those basic but important skills with the help of Alexa. With Alexa, the easy voice experience you can make it a habit of doing not only good but great deeds for the society and environment.

What it does

It guides you to do some sort of Reuse, Recycle and reduce practices for your daily waste and with the things you experienced in your daily routine of home, school and work environment. For eg : If you are having a plastic bottle or glass bottle or any tin, cotton waste and ask the skill what can you do with it. It will suggest you some easy tasks by which you can reuse it, or recycle it and thus contribute to the green society. It motivates you to make it as your habit. It will teach you facts about doing such things.

How I built it

I collected some online data and hacks and created my own database for the materials like Plastic, Glass, Paper, cotton and other daily waste and what easy practices you can do with them in order to serve your environment wisely.

Challenges I ran into

Collecting data was never a easy task. And in this case, when I am delivering the information with just a voice interface to make you understand and teach new thing. It was quite challenging

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am taking a step for my environment and trying to promote and educate the society for the same, is all that I am proud of.

What's next for Green Triangle

Currently the skill is just for voice interface and having 50+ activities. Soon I am planning to publish it with echo show and echo spot, so that many more hacks and activities can be added.

Built With

  • alexa-skill-kit
  • node.js
  • aws-lambda
  • open-source-api
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