I love plants but find it difficult to remember to care for them and know what each plant's preferences are. I wanted something that reminded me when it was time to give my plants water and provide further love and nourishment.

What it does

In my designs, AR would scan the reader's picture of their plant and match it with the USA agricultural public database for plants (has over 5,000 photos). Then it gives information on each plant and what type of treatment it prefers.

How I built it

Used Adobe XD CC to design the application and Adobe Illustrator to create illustrations of plants.

Challenges I ran into

First creating the application layouts was difficult and I had to reference websites like Dribbble to see what might look good for layouts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a sleek and modern design for something I'm very interested in and would love to use.

What I learned

How to create a calming and light feel with a lot of negative space while still adding fun elements.

What's next for Green Thumb Initiative

I would love to turn this into an application with the AR and database piece! If not, more illustrations and options including a "My Plants" section to view all your plants at once.

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