Am intrigued by the difference between being moved and being impressed and see both as having advantages. But in the realm of getting across information, one is underutilized.

My work is always minimal and I feel one get get across so much with subtlety. Through a series of transitions of paired images that have a resemblance yet are worlds apart, I tell a story of green tech.

My assets are always original. I think there is a place for getting across information with more warmth and there are certainly many stories that need to be told.

I worked with Blender in preparation for the files to go to Unity and to Vuforia. My teammate was not available to meet and go over the experience together in the short time since Saturday when we formed our team. The idea of the theme of machines started with him.

I'm that much closer to realizing my own design and animation ideas thanks to this experience! I'm more sensitive to my strengths and weaknesses and the excitement to morph years of design thinking, animation, and other projects into XR couldn't be higher.

One area that has long been a part of my work: I'd like to help companies get their messages across with XR - particularly ones with messages that provide services or products that are moving to the public.

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