Inspiration - environmental sustainability;

What it does - Green Shoots is designed to encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle, and provide useful tips; earn digital badges by completing easy challenges; share out news of completed challenges to Twitter - or other apps on device;

How I built it - built out with C#, Xamarin Forms, Azure Cosmos DB, Xamarin.Auth, LinqToTwitter; digital badge details are stored with an Azure Cosmos DB service, and retrieved within application - via a Create Document Query extension method; GitHub access -

Challenges I ran into - configuring Xamarin.Auth, LinqToTwitter to provide Twitter functionality;

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - cross-platform (iOS, Android), Azure Cosmos DB integration;

What I learned - visual appeal of application is strengthened with NuGet packages of Xamarin;

What's next for Green Shoots - increase gamification aspects, addition of eco-friendly challenges;

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