I was diving in Costa Rica earlier this year, and I saw a surreal world of life and beauty. When I learned about the bleaching of coral reefs and destruction of marine ecosystems, I wanted to do something to help prevent the destruction of our underwater world.

What it does

Green Sea is a website to record the coral coverage of reefs, and explain why we see certain patterns in their ecosystem change because of Climate Change.

How we built it

Using Replit and copius amounts of Mountain Dew, we have created this grand webite with a total of 2 pages.

Challenges we ran into

The navigation bar at the top of the screen took us about two hours to get working, and the graph on the second page took about three hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The paralax on the front page is epic, and the graph is extemely overengineered, but nice to look at.

What we learned

How to make an interactive graph with Java, and how to change backgrounds with paraxlaxing.

What's next for Green Sea

To expand, we would add more reefs other than just the Great Barrier Reef, and add an interactive map to locate the reefs.

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