Many companies today invest in sustainability projects, and other social responsibility initiatives. But today, there is currently no third party ranking system that highlights these projects, nor is there a system that reports to companies how effective these initiatives are. There is also no platform for employees to report how environmentally conscious their employer really is.

Green score aims to fix these problems by creating a community dedicated to empowering employees and informing employers.

What it does

The Green Score is a watchdog community that assigns companies a score based on how committed they are to environmental sustainability. It also allows the employees of a company to connect with one another, empowering them to organize their own 'Green Challenges' (events around the community), challenge other members, and even submit a monthly report on how environmentally conscious their company is. Each of our users is then assigned their 'green score' based on how active they have been on our site.

The companies on our site will also be assigned a green score, based on an algorithm we designed, as well as by factoring in the green scores of their employees. Every month, Green Score will highlight the top scoring companies, providing them with free advertising on our main page, while also providing a report on areas that they could improve on by compiling the data from the employee reports.

How we built it

Front End- JS, html , CSS Back end- sqlite database, django, python algorithms

Challenges we ran into

The front end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the framework of the back end, and the database.

What we learned

How to write a environmental related ranking algorithm based on LEED data. We are still figuring this out, but we made good progress at this.

What's next for Green Score

Finishing our ranking algorithms

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