Green San Diego brings together multiple sources of data from the City of San Diego into one, fun-to-use mobile app. So whether you are looking to find your recycling pick up date, lower your energy consumption, or go for a run on the city's running trails... Green San Diego brings this all together.

The app is broken down into three areas:

  1. Reduce your impact Find information on reducing carbon emissions, car sharing, lowering home energy consumption and finding a certified Energy Upgrade contractor

  2. Recycle Test your recycling IQ, find your collection schedule and know where to go when you have special items

  3. Have Fun It isn't all work. Enjoying the environment that we are all preserving is an important part of the cycle. Find your farmer's market, look for local pools and more

You earn points and badges when you interact with the app. So whether you are taking a quiz or pledging to perform an action, Green San Diego turns all of these data sources and city services into a game. The more points you earn, the more recognition you get in the app.

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