Making a good game so I can play it whenever I'm bored and make another functional game in Unity.

What it does

Simple 3D platform game where the player has to avoid and collect items. Boxes give score and soccer balls damage player. If player runs out of health, game is over and restarts.

How I built it

Used the Unity engine for building the game, Blender for making assets and texturing.

Challenges I ran into

Navigating through the Unity scripting API was the hardest part. Some functions are hard to remember. Integrating assets to Unity and applying physics was also somewhat challenging. Another challenging part was allocating the least possible memory and run the game in high fps.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Basic game mechanics are complete and I can actually play the game with almost no bugs. Some bugs are introduced as features.

What I learned

Now I am way more comfortable using Unity and I'm more capable on using components and vector transformations. Working

What's next for Green Runner Forever

Probably if the team gets together again, we can finish it into a full published game. The art, animation and physics need major improvement. But for now, the game will remain how it is and can still be displayed on GitHub.

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