Food and Job security is very important, especially at the time of Pandemic, and Challenges for Farmers like Farming tools which are not affordable for small scale farmers, at the same time migrant workers moving back to villages because of Unemployment is a big issue and its a big chunk of population which is migrant labour in Asia. Having farming background also inspire us to make something for farmers as because of them we are not sleeping hungry and we would hope to keep it that way.

What it does

There are 2 parts of our Project : 1. Simply a Mobile application which collaborates farmer to share their resources including workforce so it can help unemployed people. 2. Another part is an ambitious idea ( but with working prototype ) which also provides AI based surveillance to farms and predict dangers like Locust attack , fire and intrusion as well.

How we built it

We are 2 enthusiast , one is specialized in Gaming , AI , mobile application and another in Application architecture , IoT and micro services. So we have recently made this idea and at last min i saw an opportunity to share here as well , so we have joined this Hackathon.

Challenges we ran into

One of us was new to Cloud Services and another one into IoT, while developing we learned a lot .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have made good use of technology for our Food safety and supply chain. we would like to make collaboration part free to encourage people to share their resources and get jobs.

What we learned

How to build large scale Long Range communication with AI on EDGE.

What's next for Green Robin

We will be first customer our self , as we are also having farms and after doing POC on real ground, we will launch app and devices as well.

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